Terms and Conditions


School fees are set out in the school fees document available at www.two-hour-school.cz/courses

Fees are due to be paid in whole or in part, on or before, the students first school day.

Students may be enrolled to a whole school year (40 weeks) or to a single semester (20 weeks) and this commitment is reflected in the fee structure.

Fees may be paid in one sum or in monthly installments subject to the enrollment period.

Payment by any other conditions than outlined above are subject to separate terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will be provided on request.

It is possible to enroll to the school after the semester start date and, in this case, fees will be reduced proportionately (pro rata).


There are no refunds of school fees that are paid by semester.

Refunds for annual school fees. In the event that a parent wishes their child to finish classes within the school year, written (email) notice by the parent must be received at the school 30 days before the first day of the following semester.

Subject to receipt of such timely notice, the school will refund the following semester fee and if relevant, 100 % of any subsequent semester fees already paid.

In the event that 30 days notice is not received by the school the school will refund 50% of the following Semesters fees.

If a child is withdrawn once the semester starts the school will not refund any fees already received.

Students who do not attend school, for whatever reason, will not receive refunds.

If children miss class(es), Two Hour School is not obliged to provide a substitute class.

In the event that a child cannot continue to attend classes for an extended period. Lesson time that has been paid for may be transferred to a friend or family member of appropriate age and ability. Parents must agree this with the School Director and their child’s teacher by email or in person before the transfer and such arrangements are subject to all terms and conditions.


There is a 5% discount from the fees for each subsequent child in a family enrolled in the school.

Semester dates

The school Year is divided broadly into two Semesters.

Each semester represents 20 weeks of teaching time.

Lessons are provided on the working days within these periods, lessons are not provided on public holidays.

Where Public Holidays affect the total number of lessons provided; extra classes will be offered to students affected. These classes will be scheduled at the school’s discretion.

The definitive class schedule is the Two Hour School calendar which may be found at www.two-hour-school.cz/calendar

The first Semester includes a two-week break for the Christmas/New Year period.

Medical emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency members of the School staff may request medical assistance from the emergency section of the nearest Emergency Hospital.

In an event of this type School staff will try all possible ways to contact parents but priority regarding action and contact will be dependent on the circumstances of the emergency and decided by the school staff member.

Two Hour School will take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of my child, but the school can, in no way, be held responsible for any injury my child may incur while attending school.

Other terms and conditions

Two Hour School is responsible for students during the lesson duration only. Once the class starts the teacher cannot leave the students in the class unattended.

In the event that you know in advance that your child will be late to school, please let the class teacher know as soon as possible.

Students who arrive at the school after the start of the lesson must make their own way to the classroom or escorted by a responsible adult if unable to make their own way.

Once classes finish the students will be escorted to the pick up point. If you cannot collect your child at the correct time you must let the school know as soon as possible.

Two Hour School provides all materials for class.

Children may bring their own snacks for consumption during class time.

Two Hour School reserves the right to change classes and teachers at their discretion, according to its operational needs.

All external examinations costs at the end of the course, if applicable, are additionally charged.

The school may store and use personal data as set out in the Privacy Information & Collection Statement available at www.two-hour-school/Data_use