Chocolate      (July 20 -24th)

Chocolate, the most popular sweet in the world.  Imbued with almost mythical qualities from the time of its first discovery through until today.  Children will discover the history of this most common and yet unknown treat.  We will conduct investigations and taste tests.  We will concoct our own recipes and design packaging.  The week will also include a visit to the chocolate museum in Prague and will conclude with a chance to buy some of the chocolate produced by the children in our very own chocolate shop.

Buildings and Settlements      (July 27 – 31st)

We are surrounded by architecture; however, buildings are woven so intricately into our lives that even as adults we rarely take notice of them.  In this week, we will take the children on an exciting and innovative journey of discovery.  We will move through history from castles to the modern world looking at how buildings and settlements have developed in response to the needs of the people that created and occupied them.  Children will explore, create, solve, co-operate, and build.  Classroom time will be balanced with field trips to local sites of architectural and historical interest.

Natural World        (August 3 – 7th)

This week we change the lens to one which affords us a chance to take a closer look at the natural world.  In particular, we will be looking at the plants and animals that are such a vital aspect of life.  We will be exploring common aspects of plant life as well as how they have adapted to the environments that surround them.  We will, of course, be growing some plants from seeds and producing art inspired by their learning.  The week will include a visit to the botanical gardens as well as field trips to outdoor spaces.  The week will end with an exhibition and a plant sale all planned by the children.

Entrepreneur Week      (August 10 – 14th)

The theme of entrepreneurship will run throughout the whole of the Summer school.  Each week will look at how we can add value to raw materials and how we can use this to generate some income.  This week the focus will be solely on the idea of making a business work.  We will be taking a child-friendly look at how businesses add value to raw material or services and how businesses promote themselves and their products.  Guest speakers will provide some alternative perspectives and field trips will have a business focus.